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Planting plans and aftercare

The choice of plants needs to take into account the aspect of the site, soil, drainage, shape, texture and colour, flowering season, maintenance levels and hardiness. I have an extensive knowledge of plants and how to combine and position them so that they thrive and look wonderful.


A planting plan clearly shows the positions and quantities of the plants. A schedule of plant names, quantities and recommended planting size is included.


Should the client wish, I can source and supply the plants from wholesale nurseries I know and trust. This service includes supervising setting out the plants after delivery so that you or the contractor can plant them. If you would like ongoing advice on how to look after your garden I am always happy to help.

Planting Plan Example
Planting plan extra photo 3 for design p
Planting plan extra photo 2 for design p
Planting plan extra photo 1 for design p
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